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Hullomail on Plusnet?

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Hullomail on Plusnet?

Hi all,

Recently changed my provider to Plusnet - I've used Hullomail for my voicemail for years and was disappointed to read in a thread from a year or so ago that it doesn't seem to be possible to change answerphone provider.

Is this still the case, and do Plusnet plan to do anything about it? It's massively frustrating as I often can't answer my phone and I used the transcription service quite a lot to read messages. I'm afraid to say it's probably a bit of a deal-breaker which is a shame Sad

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Re: Hullomail on Plusnet?

Many MNVO providers do not allow call forwarding to anywhere but their voicemail service. I know this is true for the likes of Virgin. It is something you need to check when changing