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Heading to New York City!...

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Heading to New York City!...

New user & traveller after some advice...

Heading to New York on my own - havent got many ppl to contact whilst I'm there,  but loathed to go without any phone use at all.... plus whilst discovering NYC for the week that I'm there, might want to use data at some point to get hold of tkts etc (although I'm planning to find WiFI wherever I can...)

My phone's unlocked so I could use any SIM and am more than happy to buy one when I get there if needs be.... but trying to be organised a little prior to flying next Plusnet ok? will it work? is it ridiculously expensive with a much easier option availabl that I dont know of?!

Any advice at all?? all welcome!

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Re: Heading to New York City!...

£1.30 a min to make £0.70 to receive calls.


Data is £8.00 per Mb.


Personally I'd look for a SIM that allows free roaming to the US and forward my PN number to it. 

(US is Zone 2)

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Re: Heading to New York City!...

In the US  I do not have data roaming turned on or use the phone for calls or text, It costs a fortune.

Every where you will go in NYC you can find free WiFi.

Use WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger/Viber/Skype for your communications.

If you need to make "calls to phone numbers" you could buy credit with Skype or Viber, call cost a few pence per minute and they also work through Wifi.

I hope this helps.

Have a nice time.


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Re: Heading to New York City!...

PAYG sim from 3, and use a £10 credit to buy an add-on to get their Roam At Home working.

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Re: Heading to New York City!...

Agree with SpendLessTime, I have a 3 sim that I take to the USA as you can use the Roam At Home.
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