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Have to say Hello twice before anyone can hear me

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Have to say Hello twice before anyone can hear me

I've been with Plusnet Mobile for some while now and took out a Three contract last week. I've been receiving deals from Plusnet since I requested my PAC. I haven't yet ported my number as the Three SIM hasn't arrived.

I am tempted to cancel Three and stay with Plusnet although the deal isn't as good. However, the problem I've had on Plusnet is that when someone rings me, I have to say Hello twice before anyone hears me. I used to have a Pixel 3 phone and thought it might have been that but I bought a Pixel 6a a month or so ago and the same is happening.

Has anyone else experienced this and/or is there an explanation for the issue as it's so annoying and was one of the reasons I decided to move away. I used to be on PAYG with Three before Plusnet and I can't remember having this issue then but I didn't used to use my mobile much to be sure.