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Had to leave, no WiFi calling is the deal breaker.

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Had to leave, no WiFi calling is the deal breaker.

Just by way of feedback really. I moved to PlusNet Mobile about twelve months ago and after a while I started getting family members saying, "I tried to ring you but you didn't answer". I realised that this was always when I was downstairs at home. Coverage maps show my area to be good outdoors but not so good indoors and I have always been aware of this but it was never a problem until I joined PlusNet Mobile.


A recent illness meant that this was a very real issue for me.


I've now moved back to Three and it is purely because they support Wi-Fi calling (i.e. if the mobile signal is too weak calls are routed via my internet connection). I'm no longer sometimes out of touch.


I have to say that the move back went extremely smoothly. I got my PAC code to use when setting up my new account, got the new SIM card and waited for the arranged start date. Put the SIM card in and switched on and just under an hour later my existing number had been ported to my new account.