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Getting EE voicemails and Going Doolally!

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Registered: ‎20-06-2018

Getting EE voicemails and Going Doolally!

2 days ago I changed my phone for a new Huawei Y7. Since then I have been plagued by a voicemail from EE. I get notification of this voicemail about every hour. The voicemail asks me to enter my number which is then not recognised- because I'm not an EE customer. 

I have contacted Plusnet who confirm my voicemail setting is switched off- but still the hourly voicemail notifications come. 

Plusnet say they cannot help and have refused to pass the problem to their technical support team.

EE cannot help as I am not a customer- nor have I ever been. 


Before I go completely mad can anyone suggest how I can resolve this impasse? 


I should add that in a recent conversation with Plusnet it was suggested that I get a crime reference- I fail to see what crime has been committed!

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Getting EE voicemails and Going Doolally!

Hello @LizzieEyel, I am really sorry to hear about the experience with our team so far.


Would you be able to advise if you have changed the push notification settings on your handset so that they do not notify you of this?

To sort the bigger issue out of the actually voicemail you cannot access, could you PM with your account ref, full name, full address with postcode and mobile number so we can investigate on the account.