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First impressions look good.....but!!!

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First impressions look good.....but!!!

At £15 for 8GB data and unlimited texts and minutes, it initially seems like a good deal. But with download speeds capped at 20Mbps, it's no faster than my 3G reception on Three mobile, in fact it's slower in some areas I frequent. Yeah you have more 4G coverage but with the high costs of using your phone on Plusnet when abroad it's not a good deal for me. In fact for £10 a month more you're best off going direct through EE where you can get 20GB's of data, up to 90Mbps download (London 90Mbps, 60Mbps outside London), use of your data, minutes and texts abroad and even the BT app if that tickles your fancy. I'm sure Plusnet will give the option to use your data etc abroad and also increase the download speeds but for now, it's not really worth it.
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Re: First impressions look good.....but!!!

Three actually have an offer for 30GB of data, 200 minutes and unlimited texts with feel at home for £15 a month so i have changed my plan to this and staying with them.

Unfortunately for me Plusnet did not offer quite enough data.