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End of 12 month Contrct

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End of 12 month Contrct



69yo and dont do Social Media , and just the odd 'forum' when Customer service advice confusing.


I have a 12 month contract, ends in February 2023. pay by Direct Debit and have no other add on charges - pay the monthly agreed figure.

I want to fully end the contract on the last day, and then have another SIM ( mobile number will be transferred over).

However, cancelling the 12 month contract before, on or after the end date will still result in a payment to Plusnet?

When is this time /date to confirm end of my 12 month contract and not paying 'twice' for a mobile service?

Can you assist?

kind regards

Mister D

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Re: End of 12 month Contrct

Hi @Mister_D 

Being of even greater vintage I understand where you're coming from! Are you leaving Plusnet for another phone company or do you need new SIM for another reason? I'm with 1pmobile which is cheapest by far for those with limited phone requirements, but I would think phone contracts are similar to broadband in that you pay in advance, so if your contract ends on say February 20 this month's payment will cover you until then. You should find contract details if you log into your PN account, maybe you have to give notice of quitting? 

If unsure, best give PN a call as staff may not always monitor this forum. And don't cancel your direct debit just yet, this can lead to more problems.