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EE Signal Booster (Reprise)

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EE Signal Booster (Reprise)

Q: A recurring chestnut - does the EE signal booster work on Plusnet?

One mobile used to be on EE network and we had a signal booster to fix poor signal. No longer on EE.

The booster has been left plugged in gathering dust but still shows a solid green light indicating connected.

Using an app called OpenSignal I get signals before/after (I leave you to work out which way round) as below once the EE Booster box has re-connected. (Standing within 3' of the box)


I believe the signal booster has to be 'registered' by EE so may not be any good buying any old ex EE signal booster off ebay. I have another which doesn't get a solid green light - but that might have been faulty in the past, hence the second box we have)

A: Possibly, yes


(Posted for info and curious if anyone else has experimented?)

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Re: EE Signal Booster (Reprise)

Hope this will help some people.

I have a very poor signal in the house so decided to buy an EE signal booster box off ebay. It was sold as ‘used’

When it arrived I contacted EE to get it registered but they Couldn’t/wouldn’t do it because I didn’t have an EE mobile contract. Tried plusnet but they couldn’t activate it either.

So, just for a laugh I plugged it in to my router (plusnet broadbands)  and switched on. Rapidly flashing green light and no connection. I went out and left it switched on. I did reset the box but don’t know if that achieved anything.

On my return a couple of hours later there was a solid green light on the box and five bar reception on my plusnet phone.

I might just have been lucky but it works for me!

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: EE Signal Booster (Reprise)

That's great news.


Whilst we can't directly support using the booster, we're pleased to see that once again the Community has come up trumps!


Thank you for posting about this - with any luck others will find it hugely beneficial.