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Download/Upload Speeds.

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Download/Upload Speeds.

What speeds will Plusnet mobile be offering for downloads? Will Plusnet have full use of the EE bandwidth capacity, i.e. up to 90 Mbps download or is it capped?


From the EE website...........

4GEE - 20 Mbps

Double Speed 4GEE - 60 Mbps

4G+ - 90 Mbps

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Re: Download/Upload Speeds.




We will have up to 20mbps download speed for our 4G services, as we do use the EE network but don't have access to all the services they supply. 

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Re: Download/Upload Speeds.

Sorry to dig up an old dead and buried thread but today I was messing with the setting on my phone and messed the thing up with a tiny little x in the corner of the 4G icon on the notification line as seen on Android phone.

To fix my mess-up I did a network reset within Android network data settings and now have much faster speeds.

Since being on PN (nearly 4 months) my average download speed has been 26 Mb down and upload about 10 and on my local mask has never been more than an Mb above or below these speeds.

After the reset today, if indeed the reset actually did increase my speed, I’m now getting 52 down and 10 up so have PN increased the speeds?