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Disappearing APN / Greyed out APN Settings (Nokia 6)

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Disappearing APN / Greyed out APN Settings (Nokia 6)


Nokia 6.  Brand new. 


Regularly unable to send and receive MMS.  Although Internet use (non WiFi) is fine when out and about.

Reset network settings makes no difference, still doesn't function.

Manually creating APN allows briefly sending/receiving of MMS, but then manual settings appear to magically disappear, only for everything to default APNs, and nothing to work.  Default APN settings must be coming from SIM card, and visually cannot see any incorrect settings, but Nokia 6 does not allow modification of the settings - they appear 'greyed out'.

Anyone seen similar?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Disappearing APN / Greyed out APN Settings (Nokia 6)

Hi BigBadBoss!

Thanks for taking the time out to get in touch with us, it's much appreciated. 

I would advise to check if there are any stored APN settings and/or profiles from previous network providers and if so, to delete these and re-boot the handset. You can do this by the following:

  • Turn the handset off
  • Remove the SIM card
  • Leave it for a couple of minutes
  • Replace the SIM card
  • Turn the handset back on again

It's important to remove the SIM from the handset entirely, so that it can establish a new connection to the network upon re-boot.

I would also advise to contact the handset manufacturer for further advice, as there could be handset settings installed that are preventing the APN settings from being added/amended.

- Rebeka