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Disapointing experience with calls

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Disapointing experience with calls

I have been running down my Tesco account and decided to use my new PN mobile properly today.

Calls to 2 numbers, one local landline and one the mobile of that person.

Landline call nothing happened, no ringtone, nothing. Apparently the phone rang once at their end.

Tried mobile, rang, then nothing.

I have 3 bars on my phone, their landline is fine and they use 3 with a signal booster for mobile. I've never had a problem calling either on my Tesco account with only one bar of signal. I can call my own landline on the same exchange quite happily.

To say I'm saddened is a bit of an understatement. Is this normal? Service checker says OK in the area.

I've ordered an Asda SIM to see if that works OK (EE MVNO) - if it does then I'm off.

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Re: Disapointing experience with calls

Hi @bin

It could be an issue with SIM card, so we could always look into getting your a new one sent, however before you think about leaving us why don't you drop me a Private Message. I'd be able to  take a look into the account for you and see if there is anything that could be causing this issue, and discuss the issue in a little more detail. 

I hope to hear from you soon so we can have this resolved. Smiley