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Disable voicemail - mobile

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Disable voicemail - mobile

I can only see references to disabling voicemail on a home phone. I never have voicemails that are of any value to me, and resent the demanding nudges from voicemail that I call. I can't make it stop, until there are no voicemails. And there can be no voicemails, unless I listen to them - but I don't want to!!

This year I've been getting lots of calls from the Chinese roboscammers. I have had quite a few from the same numbers, so I started blocking them.But of course each time it shows as a new number, it goes through, and because I don't live constantly with my phone with me, I get voicemails. I don't want them! I don't have people who genuinely need to leave me voicemails, and those I know, know I absolutely hate them, especially if the caller just tells you the time and date - as though they don't know from experience that voicemail tells you that - that you're not there, and they'll catch up with you later, so switching it off would lose me nothing at all. Today I picked up my phone, and there were three voicemails. All following calls different numbers, none that I recognised, and you've guessed it - Chinese.

I wanted to switch off voicemail anyway. But now, I really want it gone.


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Re: Disable voicemail - mobile

Contact the mobile phone team and they will switch it off.