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Credit check declined

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Credit check declined

I tried to sign up for a SIM only deal yesterday for my wife and got as far as the payment screen and got credit check declined. I have very good credit, own my home outright and both my wife and I have decent jobs and have always been on the electoral roll.. I have never had any issues getting credit and it seems ridiculous that I can buy a house, or get a loan for a car etc, but get turned down for a £9 a month ONE MONTH contract! I'd even input my bank details for the direct debit, so why they even need my card details is a mystery anyway! I rang my bank to check if there was a problem and they said my credit check was clean, but they also said they're getting a lot of reports of people having this issue with mobile phone companies, so rang PlusNet to query and was told to phone Experian which of course are not open on a Sunday, so rang them today in my lunch hour. They told me it was nothing to do with them and to ring PlusNet. After an eight minute wait, I was told they couldn't help, and that I would have to wait 30 days before trying again. If there is nothing you can do about this, then you are obviously going to lose potential good customers as I'll just go to another provider, because I do not want to have to wait another month before getting a new deal for my wifes phone. Can anyone help? If not I'll just have to go elsewhere.

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Re: Credit check declined

Go with Smarty they don't credit check