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Content Lock

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Registered: ‎05-07-2018

Content Lock

Hello, I'm trying to remove this extremely annoying content lock that appears and disappears whenever it feels the need. I'm positive ive removed this before, via phone but could be mistaken. Looking here it says I need to PM a staff member, when i click a staff members name, it gives no option to send a PM.... when I goto my own "Private messages" area, to see if I can create a message there and specify who to send it to , it says access denied.


The live chat button that pops up telling me if I need assistance, I can use this, only to then tell me there's no agents and I should refresh the page (which I did) or try again later or call. This is like a domino effect of ridiculousness....nothing does what it says, and nothing is straight forward. Can someone please remove the content lock from my phone. I have attached my username thing to this forum account so you can find me from that or reply back with other info i need o give..thanks.

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Re: Content Lock

As you are new to the forum you did not have the right to send private messages. Now that you have created your initial post you are now free to post private messages.


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Re: Content Lock

Have you managed to get this sorted, Anderson2005?


If not, please drop me a PM and I'll be happy to help.

 Michael Williams
 Plusnet Help Team