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Consistent 4G problems on daily commute

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Consistent 4G problems on daily commute

While I am happy with the price and data per month of the mobile contract. One thing I can't put up with is losing 4G connectivity these days. Especially on my daily commute in the morning and in the evening.

It seems around Barking and Upminster I lose connectivity completely, a few times it doesn't even fall back on to 3G/edge. I am left for 5 or 10 minutes with no internet at all. If this had to occur and affect my work, it would be embarrassing and could be a major issue for me at work. 


If this problem continues I will be forced to cancel and spend more per month with EE, if that it what it takes. 

Not sure if raising a ticket would make any difference so thought i would make a forum post instead. 

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Re: Consistent 4G problems on daily commute

Seems to be a problem with MNVO operators working on EE.

Just come over from the Virgin Forum and it is littered with similar complaints.

Whether this is due to both have them not having access to 800MHZ 4G or not is hard to say.