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Connecting to home alarm system ...

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Connecting to home alarm system ...

Hi .. I have installed a new house alarm system, which has the facility to send text messages for various reasons such as the alarm being triggered, various fault conditions and so forth. It needs a sim card to do so.

My question is, what is the most economical method of providing it? Both my wife and I use Plusnet mobile, but very seldom send texts. The ideal solution for me would be (for example) to use my wife's text allowance to send texts to my phone .. probably we are talking about a maximum of two or three a day. is that possible, does anyone know? Presumably it would need a second sim for the same number, not sure if that can be done or not ..

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Re: Connecting to home alarm system ...

It's going to depend on what your house alarm is capable of or what SMS provider solutions it integrates with. You'd usually use one of the many internet hosted SMS providers for this purpose. However you can also use a 3G modem dongle attached to your PC/alarm to send automated SMS's, the dongles are relatively cheap but you will need a separate SIM for this (and therefore additional service cost).

In short you'll not be able to use your allowance from your handset, you need to understand what your alarm supports in terms of SMS gateways/providers and lastly I don't think you're going to avoid some cost (although most internet based SMS providers are pretty cheap).


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Re: Connecting to home alarm system ...

It's also worth noting from our end that we don't officially support home alarm systems, so we'd be unable to troubleshoot any issues and we cannot advise whether things would work correctly or not.


Additionally, if the text system relies on short code messaging, it would not work on our service as we don't support short codes.