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Christmas day delayed SMS messages

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Christmas day delayed SMS messages

I have just received over 15 SMS messages that were sent to me on 25/12/16 and I am only just receiving them today the 28/12. Has anyone else had the same problem? How do I know if there are anymore messages floating in Cyberspace?

I am a new customer and this does not bode well...... 😞

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Re: Christmas day delayed SMS messages

Unfortunately there is no way to check for SMS's pending.

SMS is actually a really old unreliable technology, and usually there is lots of capacity and SMS gets through in near real time, and as more people moved to imessage, whatsapp etc that has lead to even more capacity on the networks, but you do sometimes get delays (try new year at midnight!).

Surprised that 25th to the 28th, looks like they got stuck somewhere of the EE network thought it couldn't connect to your mobile for some reason so didnt try. you could sms yourself to try to flush any others out,.

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Re: Christmas day delayed SMS messages

Did you port your number from an EE originated sim? Perhaps that's why and as the previous poster said they just got flushed out of hiding somewhere.