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Chinese Spam Calls

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Chinese Spam Calls

Well they're still doing it....
I have a PlusNet mobile used for bike-to-bike coms... not been used much recently (for obvious reasons!).
I turned it on today --- 22 Chinese spam robocalls! One from a 07232 ×××××× number while sorting stuff out!
I called the 07232 number "this number is not accepting calls" so faked as we know.
I only get them on my plusnet number, none on 02, ee or 3 (phones spread around the family).
So why only PlusNet numbers?
Where are the scammers getting them from?
Are they old Chinese allocated numbers?
Got to be fixed ....... either by OFCOM or PlusNet.
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Re: Chinese Spam Calls

Same here, several calls a day sometimes very annoying. 

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Re: Chinese Spam Calls

First ever Chinese spam call yesterday (out of probably no more than 2-3 in total in the couple of years I've been with Plusnet mobile.) Hopefully it's not the first of many.

Anyone know what an extremely rude Anglo Saxon version of 'go away now' is in mandarin? 😠

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Re: Chinese Spam Calls

i have two phones using plusnet and although i have had these calls for some time they seem to have increased to two or three a day .

i block the number every time but this has no effect .

i have watched this topic on here for some time and there never seems to be any useful answer given .

is something being done as i am seriously considering leaving Plusnet ?