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Charged after end of contract

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Charged after end of contract

After repeated requests and clearing my bill for a sim only deal that I never used, I received the following information in an email from plus net on Sunday 23 June, I was shocked and horrified to read:

...We're just dropping you a line to let you know that your bill is now available to view. Simply head over to My Account and use your account number and password to log in to check on all your calls, texts and data used this month.
We'll be taking the payment of £6.00 on 05-07-2019.
Plusnet Mobile app is here!
Our new mobile app for Android and Apple lets you check your bills and allowances, set your Smart Cap and more - whenever and wherever you want. Download the app today"  ????

Why am I being charged? why my account is not closed?  I have never ever used this sim, yet you say that I have over used it and you want to charge me again???

Despite speaking with you on 14 May and telling you that I wanted to pay the ridiculous bill of £28 and asked for my account to be closed and contract to be ended immediately. I wasted nearly one hour of my time talking to several people who finally put me through to cancellation team and after paying the final bill, receipt of which is below, I was told that my account would permanently be closed and I would not hear from you again. Now I get harassed by your texts and emails about my next bill etc. I DO NOT WANT TO carry on with You (Plus Net) any more.
Please confirm that you have closed my account and stop sending me emails and texts. If you carry on stressing me out and lying about closing my account and then pretend that I am a customer who is happy to stay with you, I will seek legal action against you.
Just close the account and leave me alone!!!

I cannot keep calling and go through a lot of wasted time.
Homayoon Feda

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Never used a sim card, closed account still being charged!

I received a second email on 23 June saying:
"You've reached your Smart Cap, so to stop your bill getting any higher we've disabled all chargeable services on your account. But don't worry, you'll still be able to use any remaining minutes, texts and data within your plan and receive calls and messages.
Just so you know, the following services will now be unavailable until your next billing date, 22nd or you make a payment to reduce your account balance."

Plus net is just not hearing me, what do I do? where do I complain?

Stop harassing me and close my account! I want plus net to confirm if they have made a mistake and has recycled my number and someone else is using while they are chasing me for payment, this is a mistake and total disgrace on PlusNet part!

they should correct it and confirm me in writing that they have corrected the mistake and can finally leave me alone.

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Re: Never used a sim card, closed account still being charged!

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Re: Charged after end of contract

Sorry to hear this.

If you can PM me your mobile number, full name and full address I'll be happy to look into this.

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