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Changing tariff

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Changing tariff

Hi all,


I'm currently paying about £12 a month for more data than I can use at the moment and want to chop that down to about £6 a month. Is phoning PlusNet the only way to do this? It would be great if it could be done on line but I can't see a way to do this without getting a new SIM.



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Re: Changing tariff

Good Morning  Pete_uk

You can change you plan via your mobile account look for 

Looking to change you plan         See your options

it's better to look on USwitch for a deal with another supplier which you would like then ring 500 on your PlusNet mobile press 1 and the 3 for you are thinking of leaving normally you get answered very quickly and there are more choice of deals

Normally the plan will change from you next billing date I have changed my plan twice very easily with no problems 

Good luck