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Changing mobile number (already on Plusnet)

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Changing mobile number (already on Plusnet)

Hi there,
             I just wanted to kindly ask how do we go about changing my mums mobile number please, I'm currently on Plusnet mobile as is my mum (of which you guys provide a wonderful service) however we want to change my mums number (not mine, just my mums), so how do we go about doing this please?

Also while I think on, there should be some notes on my account about a credit as for around 3 months a mast went down in the area which disrputed our phone service, I was asked to chase this up after a while to kindly get some credit on mine and my mums which were effected however I've not been comfortable calling asking for credit and we were also asked to give it time to see if the calls would be ok too since (which they have been perfectly fine by the way) so can someone please be so kind to look into this?

There should be plenty of notes as we called quite a few times over the period while this was down and Plusnet wanted me to kindly let them know if it was ok since the last call (which it has been) then they would kindly add the credit.

If you can be so kind to sort this out for me as opposed to calling that would really help, so please know how grateful I truly am for your time and help as well as of course your wonderful service which you have genuinely given me since first coming to Plusnet on the broadband packages and later the phone.

Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon 😊

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Re: Changing mobile number (already on Plusnet)

Hi Robbie,

Cheers for the post, and I'm really sorry to see you've had problems with your mobile. If you can drop me a private message with your full name and mobile number, we'll be happy to see what we can do in terms of goodwill credit.

To change your mum's mobile number, I'm afraid that we can't change this without charging £25 for the renumber. As a workaround though, if she is on a 30 day contract with no minimum term, she could sign up for a new SIM and then call our mobile support team on 0800 079 1133 to cancel her existing SIM. We would ask for 30 days notice when manually terminating a mobile account, however I suspect that'd likely be a lot cheaper than £25.

Regarding the goodwill credit for the mobile issues you've had, when private messaging, could you provide a link to this thread? Our staff PM’s go through a centralised system, so I may not personally message you back, but there’s a good chance I may do as there’s only a few of us from the team who help out on our Community Forums.

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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