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Changing Plans

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Changing Plans

Given this:



It seems totally insane to stick on the current Mate's Rate package I'm on

I got my email notification yesterday that my latest bill was ready and that the money " will leave your account on or after 22nd June 2020"


So if chose a new plan which starts a new contract I'm trying to work out what it means in terms of billing. Will I get basically billed for the full month that I'm currently in plus however much the new contract is? When is the best time to switch contracts? Is it between now and the 22nd? or do I wait until just before the 15th of July?





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Re: Changing Plans

If you call in to change your plan then you can get mates rates on those plans , so will get an extra 2gb of data on top of those plans. I think the new plan will take effect on your next billing date but customer support will confirm that when you call

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Re: Changing Plans

Hi i you change your monthly plan changes take effect on next billing date when your plan renews