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Card payment error stilled charged my account

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Card payment error stilled charged my account

Tonight I tried to order the £10 SIM only deal for 5GB of data. Whenever I reached the card payment page it returned a card payment error 5 times in a row telling me that my card could not be processed and that I wasn't charged.

Both my cards are fine and when I checked my bank statements it tells me that I've been charged 5 times for each 'failed' payment attempt to the sum of £50.


Can someone let me know what can be done to cancel at least 4 of these payments? and whether I'll even be receiving my SIM card?



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Re: Card payment error stilled charged my account


Hi there jamesemple - I'm sorry to hear the signup process wasn't as smooth as we'd like.


However, there's no need to worry. In instances like this, the payments will have gone into your bank's holding account - this is what happens to pending payments. These payments won't have entered into our system, and should be credited back into your account soon (for a specific timescale you may have to contact your bank, as this differs from bank to bank). 


In terms of receiving a SIM card, the general rule is: if you receive a welcome email, a SIM card is on its way to you. However, if you could send a Private Message along with some account details, I'd be more than happy to pick this up and double check all of the above for you.



 Michael Williams
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Re: Card payment error stilled charged my account

I see this at work when something's messed up, if you get a payment error don't keep trying. I've seen bills of a couple of hundred pounds which has drained their account, the money is kept in limbo and there's nothing the company can do because it hasn't reached them and wont show on their systems.


After the first payment error always contact the company to see what the problem is.

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Re: Card payment error stilled charged my account

Hi the same has happened to me said error then tried again and said successful. Looked on my bank account it says 2 9 pounds pending when should only be 1 I only have 1 confirmation email for my SIM deal though 

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Re: Card payment error stilled charged my account

Hi @ChrisLatino!

Thank you for getting in touch!


If you have had an unsuccessful order, any money taken from you will be refunded within 5 working days :).

So you will have a £9 coming your way!


If you need me to check anything else about these orders, please send me a private message and I can look in to it for you Smiley


Thank you


 Oli Gaffney
 Plusnet Help Team