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Cannot receive calls after porting 2 weeks ago

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Re: Cannot receive calls after porting 2 weeks ago

I absolutely agree, the 5 day wait for a response from Ops is not acceptable.

I've seen other situations on here relating to roaming not working and it being insisted that Ops will take 5 days, by that time a lot of the people experiencing roaming problems are back in the UK , which makes any investigation pointless!

I've been around here for quite a while and the PN help team that monitor these forums are very good and will usually pull out all the stops to get a problem resolved quickly. In the case of broadband and phone they can resolve problems themselves or have direct access to other departments. With mobile, it seems, since it's not in-house as such, they are limited by 'Ops'

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Cannot receive calls after porting 2 weeks ago

Hello @costas4bulbidi,


Thanks for sending that info, I've sent it across for you and it should be picked up shortly. @RobC sounds like their onto something there, I've popped this post link with my email to ops to help them further.


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 Maddy S
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Re: Cannot receive calls after porting 2 weeks ago

@MisterW wrote: I don't know exactly, but I would guess that with detailed tests and times, the Ops people can trace the call attempts in log files and therefore find the problem, then they just need to 'beat over the head' all the other organisations involved to correct the error.

I think the main problem is that Ops are not customer facing, and there's no direct contact possible between them and you. There's always CS in between and therefore the process is cumbersome.


Just took a fresh look at your post and disagree


These are incorrectly ported 'numbers' with relatively or actually very few calls - all or at least many errors

Ops should be able to see at a glance the issue just by looking for what occurred on the number.

That 3 examples to pass on really does seem just a fob off to me.



They aren't searching through dozens of calls, with some ok, some not in these cases, They are faulty from the port.

So telling them that somebody tried to call from an external system and got nowhere at 3 o clock really isnt going to help much is it. Particularly as it would probably get an answer : we forwarded the call to you as we should ...

If PN has that sort of issue with external suppliers, then involving the customer for individual examples is pointless.


PN ops sending a no reply text from internal and external numbers would tell them far more.


Of course customers should still go through basic checks, number is theres, Plusnet network etc



Other than that PN would be better setting up simple

no reply texts to customer,

customer to text/call PN test numbers (... you are successfully through to plusnets on net (off net) test service. All OK here. Have a nice day [click])

(or be really cool and the call also fires off a return text 'Hi this is the PN on net (off net) test txt. You successfully connected')

which support here or on phone/chat could just fire off (and all the tech info is available on PN systems)


Quite simple to set up

Low cost, low tech, low knowledge needed

All the info waaaaaayyyyy beyond any customers knowledge at hand in the process


... Particularly as PN appears to have major issues with these.


( PN could even send one of those service texts we used to get to set up services)



Just imagine how professional and effective that would seem

and how many potential bad reviews it could avoid.

Good press instead of bad press.