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Cannot make or recieve calls

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Registered: ‎25-07-2020

Cannot make or recieve calls

I seem to be unable to make calls and people who call me are sent straight to voicemail which I also cannot access. Any calls I do make go to the call screen but does not ring at all and after about 30 seconds the call just ends without any notification. If I recall correctly that may happen if you don't have signal

The problem occuring started around 2 days before this post, I originally thought that the problem was with my voicemail.

I had also noticed that there were widescale problems with the uk networks but it seems to be unrelated, or if it is related seems to still be persisting even after the network problems subsided.

I have tried a variety of solutions but none have proven fruitful, this includes.


Restarting the phone

resetting the network settings to default

I ensured no other settings such as wifi was causing any problems

I placed the sim in another phone (though it was not an unlocked phone as for the plusnet network and unfortunatly I do not have access to one)

Creating a APN with plusnets recommended settings in case or an error with that


I have not currently tried a factory reset as I wish to leave that until last resort.

Also an interesting note to add is that when I reset the network settings it shows the network and service state as running fine. But when I turn wifi on it shows network to be disconnected, even when the wifi is turned back off. I should also note that in that situation the calls did not work even before I turned on the wifi.

Oddly the internet still works and I can text still. I am not an expert but I have been led to believe this is because the voice network and the network used for messages and internet are two seperate things.

This problem came at the worst time as I have been waiting for word on wether I am going to be made redundant which I have since found out that I am. And it has been quite upsetting so this has been a big problem for me.

I greatfully await any help people can spare.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Cannot make or recieve calls

Hi @Macgun,


I'm sorry that you're currently unable to make or receive calls and for the inconvenience that this is causing you at this difficult time. Thank you for confirming that your texts and data are still working and that you have been through the recommended troubleshooting steps. 


Please can you send me the following information over on a private message and we'll investigate this further for you:


- Your full name and confirmation that you're the account holder

- Your mobile number

- Your full address, including the postcode

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 Emily D
 Plusnet Help Team