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Cannot call a specific landline number from mobile...??

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Cannot call a specific landline number from mobile...??

My wife and I have Plusnet mobiles, I have increasingly found that we are unable to dial some landline numbers. It will normally ring a few times the first time, then disconnect. Trying the same number again just disconnect without ringing. It is not even consistent as a few hours later it might connect. It cannot be my phone as both my wife and I have the same problem at the same time. I can ring the landline number from my own landline and it connects every time but I then have to pay for the landline connection. It wouldn't be that bad but one of the numbers is our doctors surgery and the other one I have had problems with is my local garage.


Edit My wife has just tried to ring our local hospital and it has instantly disconnected. Fortunately this time my mobile connected. These aren't the types of numbers we want problems with.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Cannot call a specific landline number from mobile...??


Hello @booji

Thanks for reaching out to us here. 

I'm sorry you and your wife are having trouble with connecting to certain landline numbers and I apologise for the inconvenience this causes you both. So we can start to rule some things out, please ensure you've both tried: 


- Restarting your device

- Toggling airplane mode on/off 

- Trying your sim in another device

- Checking the EE status checker incase there is any work ongoing in your area


That being said, if you've already tried the above and it's not alleviated the issue can you let us know:


- Do you/both experience the issue in the same postcode or is everywhere 

- Do you experience the issue indoor or outdoor

- Do you experience the issue with mobile number as well or is it just landlines 


Thank you.