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Cancelling Mobile Account

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Cancelling Mobile Account

Transfer from Vodafone to Plusnet using old number Nightmare 

I have repeatedly asked Plusnet to complete the port every day for the last 6 days.
You have failed to complete this port and are unable to commit to completion.
You are unable to provide a date when this will be complete.
You are unable to provide the service you said I would have within 24hrs.
Therefore 29/01/2018 I called your accounts and customer service departments and cancelled my Plusnet Mobile phone service with immediate effect .
However you inform me you can't cancel the  mobile account until the port is complete.
Even though it's within the 14 Days notice period.
Because you cannot complete the port you say you cannot cancel my account and would continue to charge even though I cannot use the service!!!!!
You have failed to provide a service with my old number and your poor customer service cannot provide any answers.
I'm not prepared to wait until Plusnet shorts out  it's internal operational problems.
I will leave Plusnet!!!!!


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Re: Cancelling Mobile Account

Hi there Reallypeedoff!

I am so sorry to hear you have experienced a delay with your port! I assure you though, that in the rare circumstance that a delay occurs, this is automatically picked up by our Operations Team who will find a fix for you!

Once this is being investigated by the Operations Team, however, it is then out of the control of our customer service agents. There is no way of us being able to advise a definitive timescale, or a specific answer as to why the port is delayed. This is because a port is a manual process with an awful lot of moving parts involved. As I'm sure you can imagine, an error can occur at any point in this process, and it is up to the Operations Team to find this issue and fix it ASAP, which I assure you they will be doing with your port right now.

With regards to cancelling your account, unfortunately you have been advised correctly, and we won't be able to shut down an account with a port in process. The only reason for this, though, is that if we were able to cancel the account at this point, the number that is in the process of porting across would be lost, because it is no longer with your previous network, but has not yet come over to us. Further to this, once a port in request is accepted, your account goes into a 'pending' state while the new number gets moved across. In this pending state, additional account actions (such as cancelling) are completely impossible.

With this being said, however, I assure you that you will be able to cancel and get a full refund once this port has completed. If you could send me a PM, I can access your account and have a look at the notes from other agents, and keep you informed of any and all updates on there.


 Liv Robinson
 Plusnet Help Team