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Cancelled but still receiving billing emails

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Cancelled but still receiving billing emails

I cancelled almost 1 year ago but I am still receiving emails stating that I am going to be billed. I tried calling up but they say I need a pass phrase for the security on the account. I have no idea what passphrase they are after and they refuse to speak to me until i can pass this stage. I have managed to reset my account password for the mobile and I can see bills have been coming off but I cancelled the direct debit 1 year ago and I am concerned this is going to affect my credit history. 


It was certainly cancelled at the time because I migrated the number to a new provider and had to request the pac code. I was on a monthly rolling contract. What are my options? 

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Re: Cancelled but still receiving billing emails

Thanks for getting in touch @Gregg

I'm sorry to see you're having troubles stopping the billing emails going out.

Could you PM me the following details so I can investigate further?

  • Your full name
  • Confirm you're the account holder
  • Your full address
  • Mobile number
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Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Cancelled but still receiving billing emails

You do NOT need a 'pass phrase' and the PN representative should have used alternate checks.


It seems to me whoever told you that in PN needs disciplining if they offered you no alternative.

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