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Cancelled account without notice

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Cancelled account without notice

Mobile number [Removed]
Dear sirs....
First may a say i hope this will make sense as I am recovering from Covid and my concentration is poor at the moment, but i wanted to registar my disapointment at the poor billing service that has left me without service and with what I believe is the normal notice proceedure.
I haven't checked my e-mails for a few weeks and so was suprised to see when i did that I owed £20+  I had assumed the payments had been taken out. Having now checked emails and my phone i haven't received any emails or texts to say payments wasn't taken..nor that my account had been cancelled.  The first I knew that my account was cancelle was when my daughter tried calling me once I was home.
I appreciate that an auto system may be in place but surely a customer deserves the common courtesy of being informed. This is not an acceptably way to treat customers especially in these difficult time.
i shall pay the outstanding amount when my next pension payment arrives next week and will find another payg sim. Im sorry it has come to this as the staff at plusnet are always helpful..but your mobile billing system is not up to standared as far as i can see.
sincerly Elizabeth Neal


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Re: Cancelled account without notice

Hello @Cazlizzy

I'm really sorry to read you've had some trouble with your mobile service with us and I apologise for the frustration caused. It certainly sounds like it's the last thing you need right now, I'm more than happy to discuss this with you for further resolution - please PM with the following: 


- Your full name and confirmation you are the account holder

- Your full address with postcode

- A suitable time/date/number to ring you on