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Cancellation feedback

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Cancellation feedback

First the preamble, years ago when people started to get mobiles I took out a contract phone for my mother so she could phone people on the mobile instead of the landline, thereby saving money, and also giving her a phone for when she went out around town or anywhere.  Fast forward 10 or so years and I switched to PlusNet (transferring the number from Vodafone), sim only, that was a few months ago.


I have no complaints about the PN service, it does what it said on the tin, provides mobile phone service at a fantastic price.


Sadly though, my mother has passed away a couple of weeks ago, because of this I no longer required the phone service for her, I phoned up the cancellation number and the first chap I spoke to was really nice, can't fault him in the slightest, he put me through to cancelations/retention(?).  The guy there was also nice, but tried to retain me and my mothers number.  Bear in mind this is a ported number so my mother has had it for 10+ years.


This is where my problem lays, I strongly feel that if the reason to cancel a contract is due to a death, there should be no attempt to retain the customer,  true, it's not my death and I am the contract holder, but I would not want to retain a number which would be constantly called by people asking for my mother and having to explain each time that she has died.  So I think that's my feedback, generally the call was good but the attempt at retaining left a bit of a bad taste in ones mouth.

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Re: Cancellation feedback


Hi @David_W,


I'm sorry for your loss and for the experience that you had when you called to cancel the mobile. I agree that attempting to retain you was inappropriate in these circumstances and I will pass on feedback regarding this.


Thank you very much for taking the time to provide this feedback, and for your kind words about our services and pricing.

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