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Can't hear some callers

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Can't hear some callers

I have been with Plusnet Mobile for just under 2 months and I'm coming across an issue. I don't know whether it's something to do with my phone or the mobile network.

I'm not a heavy user but I noticed that when my mum rang me recently I couldn't hear her although she could hear me. My mum is elderly and so I wondered if she had pressed mute or something. However, my son has rung me about three times and the same thing is happening. I rang him straight back and it was fine.

So I tested it with my husband's mobile and it was fine so whatever it is, it isn't happening all the time or with everybody. My son is on an O2 contract, my mum is on a PAYG Three SIM and my husband is on a Three Contract. My phone is a Google Pixel 3 and I turned off the Call Waiting facility a while ago but, apart from that, I haven't touched any other settings.

Does anyone on here have any idea what might be going on? Do you think it's my phone or something wrong at the Plusnet end?

Thank you for your time.