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Can't get international network connection

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Registered: ‎03-06-2017

Can't get international network connection

Please help, I'm on holiday in Stockholm and I have no mobile connection. I phoned customer services 2 days before I travelled and advised them I was about to go abroad and they said that roaming was enabled on my account. However nothing! 

I have

- turned the phone off and on several times

- tried changing automatic network selection to manual

- turned data roaming off and on (I need it off though)

I can't even phone customer services for obvious reasons. And Chat is offline (maybe it's too early in the morning in the UK) and there is no other way to raise a fault like you can on Plusnet broadband. Grr. Please can someone from customer services get in touch so I can get some assistance please?!

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Re: Can't get international network connection

Hi @Poffley


I’m sorry to hear you’ve been unable to use your services whilst you’re abroad, and are now experiencing issues with getting in contact with us, however if you drop me a Private Message I would be able to take a look into this for you.