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Can't do anything without a queue

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Can't do anything without a queue

Well I bit the bullet for a trial of the PN mobile service to check out coverage etc. First impressions of coverage at home is that it is usable but much poorer than O2 (only 1 bar strength in the back rooms of my house, 2 at the front). I'll wait until I've been out and about a bit before deciding.


But the online facilities are sadly lacking - all you seem able to do is update your details, pay or check usage. Can't change package, can't change smart cap, can't order or stop a bolt-on, can't do anything at all either on-line or on the phone without hanging onto an endless phone queue. There's even a chat box which says its unavailable. So I'm pretty unimpressed compared with Giffgaff or O2 where absolutely anything can be done on the website with a couple of clicks.

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Re: Can't do anything without a queue

CHAT is probably showing that becauuse of your browser blocking pop ups; you need to turn that off for it to function.
Don't have mobile from PN but on BB & Phone services you can do quite a lot online re changing package etc.