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Can't access my account??

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Can't access my account??

I have not been able to access  my mobile account online EVER - always says info I put in is wrong.   Endless hours on the phone waiting for help, text messages with new passwords come through and are already out of date and so it goes on.   Talked to someone yesterday after got message telling me what my mobile number was and it was a wrong number.   Still no access but the guy on the phone said he would escalate it and I would get an email.

Nothing has come through and am still unable to access my mobile account.



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Re: Can't access my account??

I can't access it on Chrome, it just tells me 'Oops somethings gone wrong. Try again'

I can however log on using Edge with no problem.

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Re: Can't access my account??

Hi bellarho!

I am very sorry to hear that you have been having some issues accessing your My Account!

I will suggest trying a few things, such as opening your My Account in a different web browser and clearing your cache, as sometimes incorrect log-in information can be stored.

Please also try using your account number (this can be found on the right hand side of the first page of your bill, under your mobile number) as your username, and try resetting the password via the 'forgotten password' link, remembering that it is case-sensitive.

Once you have tried this, please do send me a PM with the outcome so I can access your account and assist accordingly Smiley


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Re: Can't access my account??

whats being described here is exactly what ive experienced on and off ever since I moved too p/n, tried most of the fixes some worked for a while then it comes back again.?/ ive kinda given up with this problem. I have a bigger problem now with indoor signal strengths at my home and have mailed it on too ee to try and sort out.