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Call limit/fair usage policy?

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Call limit/fair usage policy?

I have searched all the online help and community postings and cannot answer the following except by absence of comment -

Is there a time limit on a mobile call (ie similar to the commonly imposed limit of 1hr for landlines) or a fair usage policy?

I can find a limit for 070 calls and a fair usage policy for 'roam like at home' but nothing for UK calls.

If there is no restriction it would be good if there was something that explicitly made this clear rather than having to deduce by absence.  Especially as some networks do have this.


Does anyone know or can point me at where this is made clear?


Thanks.  Phil

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Call limit/fair usage policy?



Hi @wphil


As you've noted there's a fair usage policy for 070 numbers and the RLAH but there's no limit to the amount of time you can spend from UK mobile to UK mobile.


I'll ensure your feedback regarding the terms is passed on - usually, something is only specified if it's a limitation, rather than a lack of limitation, but you've made a fair point.


Best wishes