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Call Forwarding - but not to voicemail

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Call Forwarding - but not to voicemail

Hi All,


Hoping the community can help where Plus Net Support can't.


I've recently taken on a PA service where they will answer my calls instead of going to voicemail. However when I change the call forwarding settings from the VM number to the PA's number, nothing happens.


The phone accepts the number and it shows in the settings, however it just doesn't forward calls. It either disconnects or goes silent on the callers end. And at the PA side, the phone doesn't ring.


Plus Net support say they don't stop this, but equally, they can't provide support on it. I'm getting the impression it is them preventing if from working though. 


There was a previous topic on here similar, but dated back in 2016 - that didn't seem to come to any conclusions either and I was hoping in the 2 years something had come to light. 


Any help greatly appreciated.





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Re: Call Forwarding - but not to voicemail

I don't think call forwarding is supported by Plusnet.

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Call Forwarding - but not to voicemail

jgfrancis is correct - we don't support call forwarding, so we'd be unable to troubleshoot this issue. Apologies for any inconvenience.


We're aware that some customers have had success with this in the past, so it may be worth taking a look through the forum threads for tips from other users. However, as we don't officially support call forwarding, I'd be unable to offer any official advice on it. Again, sorry if this causes any inconvenience.