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Brexit impact on Roaming abroad?

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Brexit impact on Roaming abroad?

Maybe a simple question...

Having read the .GOV website about impact on Brexit (Deal & No Deal) leaving the EU.

It says that a number of Network Providers (Three, Vodafone, EE) have indicated that they will make no changes to current Roam like at home Mobile charges.

However having contacted the Plusnet sales team today for clarification the agent informed me that this may not be Plusnet's policy after any such departure from the EU and a decision will be made by Plusnet on how this may affect their current roaming policy. Does anyone have any other information regarding this? will charges apply?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Brexit impact on Roaming abroad?



I'm afraid we haven't received any information on what will happen as a result of this yet. Obviously any changes that do occur will be communicated out to customers once we have information.

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Re: Brexit impact on Roaming abroad?

Its by no means certain yet, but UK only companies are most likely to be affected

“As the government does not plan to maintain the EU’s ban on mobile roaming charges domestically,"


Of course, in a hard no deal Brexit ... ask the Brexiters

(they will say - no problem the foreigners will be queuing up to give us free airtime - which you should interpret as you see fit)

Show us ONE just ONE real, defined benefit for the British public from Brexit

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