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Bolt-on for calling from UK to abroad?

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Registered: ‎15-12-2015

Bolt-on for calling from UK to abroad?

While roaming costs are low, the prices for calling from the UK to elsewhere are rather high, although looking around are on a par with the average cost of other providers (EE charge £1/minute to EU, Vodafone £1.50/minute, Three 46p/minute)

However, usually there's a bolt-on or update that'll get cheaper overseas calls.  Will plusnetmobile also provide that option?

With EE for instance, it drops to 5p/minute if you enable the 'free' add-on (or 500 free overseas minutes for £10). Other networks do something similar but usually a paid add-on on pay monthly contracts, free on pay as you go (which is weird)

Can anyone tell me whether the 'CALL ABROAD' EE add-on, or something similar, exists or will exist on plusnet as that might be a bit of a sticking point otherwise?

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Re: Bolt-on for calling from UK to abroad?


At the moment we don't offer any bolt-on's or services which would lower the cost of calling from the UK to other countries, but I will pass this idea on and maybe it's something we could look into adding in the future.