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Backdated charge - new to PN Mobile

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Backdated charge - new to PN Mobile

I joined PN mobile on the 27th June 2019 with the £7 3gb, unlimited, unlimited deal for existing PN Broadband users.

I have the PN app on my Iphone and in the 'Latest Bill' page it states


You were billed on 28th June 2019

Usage period May 27th 2019 to Jun 26th 2019'

..Surely that cannot be right? Joined on 27th June, billed back to 27th May before I even joined PN?

{EDIT] Looking at the bill webpage on my laptop, it shows the same backdated bill 27th May to 26th June..





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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Backdated charge - new to PN Mobile

Thanks for your post @harrym1byt.


It's more than likely just stating what the usage period would have been, as usage is paid in arrears, line rental in advance.


I'm happy to have a look into this for you and so can you please PM me:


- Your name

- The account holders name (if different)

- The full address and postcode

- Characters 2 & 4 of your memorable place