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Anyone having problem with iOS 15 updates?

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Anyone having problem with iOS 15 updates?

I've been on Plusnet mobile for 2 months and everything has been great but since doing the iOS15 on all my devices at home my Iphone 11  on Plusnet comes up with the "Cannot connect to App Store... retry" message. Everything else works and the apps store on my work 8 Plus (O2) and wifes iPhone XS (3) and even my iPad Pro (non-GSM).

I've done all the options shown by Apple and others. I don't fancy doing a reset on the phone and appears strange when the other 3 devices have updated fine.

Even my Apple Watch and Macbook updated correctly. It's only this phone and only affecting the app store.

Any thoughts?


Thanks in Advance

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Re: Anyone having problem with iOS 15 updates?

Hi @davidlan thanks for your post and welcome to our Community Forums.

Have you tried opening the App Store on your iPhone 11 over WiFi rather than mobile data?

Let us know how it goes, should narrow things down.

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