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Any plans for a usage app?

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Any plans for a usage app?

Thinking of joining Plusnet Mobile from EE.  But there doesn't appear to be an app to monitor data usage.  Are there any plans to release one?  Every other MVNO seems to have one.


Without one, is there a simple way of keeping tabs on call/data usage? Or any alerts etc when you reach 50%, 75% etc?



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Re: Any plans for a usage app?

According to this post it's currently in the works.

No word of a release date as of yet though. When it comes out I am sure there will be an announcement about it.

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Re: Any plans for a usage app?


Welcome to the forums.

I wouldn't place an order based on future plans - only ever on what is available right now.

Just to highlight some history.

Plusnet Mobile was formally called Life Mobile and it was found in 2013. EE bought Life Mobile from Phones 4U in October 2014 and then it was renamed Plusnet Mobile in November 2016. So it hasn't yet had an usage app in 4 years of business.

And Plusnet itself has a bad history on computer projects, indeed the new billing system is still not available and has been "promised" for many, many years.


So only buy on what it does now.


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Re: Any plans for a usage app?

If it helping you can have a free text message daily or weekly advising your usage.

Also I find the account site very good as its up to date not a few days behind as some other providers are.

You don't get some things short code text messages for one but for what you pay I find it good and would advise you to give it a try.

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Re: Any plans for a usage app?

Please do a user app as I'm on ee and use the ee app all the time,
The only thing that puts me off of plusnet mobile is there is no user app 😔
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Re: Any plans for a usage app?

+1 for that.

i used to be with O2 and their usage app is excellent. I really miss it - it's much more difficult to use the website on the move.

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