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Altering the weekly data usage via text

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Registered: ‎02-01-2020

Altering the weekly data usage via text

Can anyone advise how i can alter the data usage text.  Plusnet set it up for once a week on my teenagers phones and they said i could alter it by logging into my account.


I have searched and can not find how to increase the usage texts to once a day.


Another thought that may negate the need for this is if Plusnet could design a restricted account area for children/family members to view their usage etc but not be able to make changes or view the main account details.  Or is there one? if so can someone tell me how to access it please.

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Altering the weekly data usage via text

Hi @Tcuzz, welcome to the Community Forums.

There's no way of changing the text you receive over the member center I'm afraid however if you could please drop me a private message with the below information then I'll happily get it changed to daily for you.

Please can you confirm via private message your:
- Your mobile number
- Your full name and if you're the account holder
- Your full address
- The last 2 digits of your sort code and account number set up for the account
- Your date of birth

There is a way to view your live usage via the app (although there is up to a 24 hour delay on the usage used) however there's no way to stop potential account changes being made I'm afraid. I'll certainly pass on your feedback regarding this however as I can imagine a non account change login to the app being useful.