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Account online problem

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Account online problem

I am getting fed up everytimes I check my plusnet mobile account login. then check view historical usage it kept sign me out and asked me to enabled cookies as I did on firefox.


Try to log in and check view historical usage, page loading on hold for so long and sign me out again. How to stop this?Huh


Cos I got two accounts to log in to check view historical usage.


Very annoying indeed. Never have any problem with EE sign in many times. Why is plusnet is so bad on awful site load so slow and take ages to load the view historical usage.




My plusnet broadband account to sign in was no problem. Always the problem with mobile site. Awful.


Why can't Plusnet add mobile account onto broadband member account under Mobile section would be good idea.

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Re: Account online problem

Hi goldenfibre!

Thank you for getting in touch, I'm very sorry to hear you have been experiencing problems with your My Account.

There is a thread on here for feedback on the functionality of the My account service, which you can access here  We are always intorducing new fixes and features on My Account, so any feedback like this is much appreciated as it helps us to develop and progress further.

With regards to checking your historical usage, we are not currently experiencing any issues with this accross the network, therefore we would suggest to try the following:

-try logging in using a different internet brower.
-clear cookies and cache on internet browser before logging in.
-try logging in to your mobile account on a different device.

If you're still experiencing problems after the troubleshooting above, please send me a PM and 'll access your account to send this off to our Operations team for investigation.

You may also be interested in a fantastic feature we have called 'bundle notifications.' With this service, we can send you either a daily or weekly text message advising you on how much of your bundle you have left for the month.

Alternatively, you can always call us on 500 free from your handset, message us on Facebook or Twitter, or Live Chat through our website to enquire about your current usage.

I will mention that due to broadband and mobile services being very much seperate, we can't merge both your online accounts into one. This is mainly due to the difference in processes, functionality and systems used by broadband and mobile respectively.

If you do have any further questions please send me a PM and I will be happy to assist further Smiley

Liv Smiley

 Liv Robinson
 Plusnet Help Team