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Account Confusion

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Account Confusion

2 mobile accounts, asked for 1 of these accounts to closed on 12th January but it wasn't. Had to ring up today on receipt of email bill and go through the whole process again. Funny how the reimbursement if it goes through will take a couple of weeks butt the account can be closed within 2hrs!

I have never been able to access the mobile accounts via Chrome I have to use MS Edge. Now for some reason both logins take me to the same account which happens to be the one I'm closing so I can't check via PN website if the double amount to taken this month is because it wasn't taken last month because of a PN fault unless I go via on line banking and check last months statement.

With my OH in hospital for over 10 weeks (appreciate it's not PN problem obviously) I really don't need the extra hassle.


Edit: Managed to get in to my account via Edge by getting a password reset.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Account Confusion


Hi @Mayfly,


Thanks for getting in touch and providing feedback on your mobile queries - having read your post it sounds like the issues you've reported have now been resolved, albeit with inconvenience which I'm sorry you've had to endure.


If there is anything that's outstanding that we can help with, just let us know.


Best wishes