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Absolutely shocking treatment by Plusnet customer service!!!

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Absolutely shocking treatment by Plusnet customer service!!!

I was a Plusnet customer for a considerable period of time, during which i received poor mobile service and very dissatisfactory customer service (which is still an ongoing issue).


The main issue I had regarding phone service is that i couldn't use the internet whilst i was on the phone, which is a massive inconvenience. I called Plusnet to get my PAC code as i thought its be easiest to switch providers. I was told by the advisor i spoke to that i didn't need to leave Plusnet as the issue was purely down to my sim and that they'd send a new one straight away and all my issues would be resolved. This of course wasn't the case and the new sim made no difference to the issues i was having. When I got round to contacting Plusnet again I was sure that this time i wouldn't let them fob me off with another excuse and i would be leaving asap. 


I requested my PAC code and that my account be closed (which i was informed is what they call a 30 day notice). The PAC code came through and i thought that id have to wait my notice and id be free of the company. However following this i received the usual message saying you new bill has been issued etc, so i called Plusnet and was told  the notice hadn't been put on my account (surprise, surprise) which i wasn't at all happy about as i'd already chosen my new provider but decided to ride it out to save any more hassle. Following this phone call i wanted it in writing so i couldn't be messed about again, so requested the advisor to send me an email confirming that i wouldn't be charged again. Though i have come to realise written proof seems to make no difference to Plusnet even when it comes from them!


Following all of this my position was that I had a PAC code that had been issued when it should have been and a 30 day notice that hadn't. This meant that i wanted confirmation of when to use the PAC code by so I could use it before it expired and not risk any more bills by missing the date. I thought the best way to do this would be to ask Plusnet, they should be able to give me a clear answer and that would have been the end of it all. I used the live chat and spoke to someone who said he could see i had been told to use my PAC code by 07/04 however i should now use it by 23/03  (how would i know this had i not done the chat) and then proceeded to say oh actually i have to use it by 21/03. He admitted that the fault lie with Plusnet and that he would definetly get me a refund when the payment came out in the 23rd. He again proceeded to say i had to use my PAC by the 21/03 etc. After worrying that I would get lost in the system again i asked him how the refund would occur and he said he'd leave all the notes on my account, and if he sees the funds leave (which they did!)  he will put them back into my account. Of course i never heard from this chat advisor again an no refund materialised. 


When more time passed and my money wasn't returned i went back to the live chat and after explaining to the new advisor all over again she also said she will arrange a refund for me now and to expect it within ten working days as this had been already promised...


I honestly couldn't believe it when after having these long conversations on live chat and already wasting hours of my time over something that wasn't my fault i still hadn't got the money i was rightfully owed. This time i thought id speak to someone over the phone. Again long phone calls, during which it took me a long time to get across to the advisor the issues, as on my account it appears to them as though i ported out early etc when in fact i was only following the advice of Plusnet each time. When the advisor i was speaking to finally understood they would say they would reprocess the refund as it was being rejected by back office as the facts of the matter weren't written clearly enough on my account (despite being told they would be) and that again to wait 10 working days...


I even spoke to the same advisor more than once who kept telling me to expect my refund. On the last call i was asked to upload the chat transcripts that i had very luckily taken photos of (because of course Plusnet have no record of this themselves) and told that with these there was no way the funds wouldn't be sent back.


After more time passing since this last call and still no refund i went onto live chat last night and of course it was a new advisor once again who hadn't a clue about the situation and basically told me he wasn't gong to do anything.


I even wrote a letter of complaint which i sent in the post weeks ago and received no acknowledgement or reply whatsoever.


The amount of time I've lost and stress this has caused is unforgivable. I will not stop until I am contacted directly and the issues is resolved.



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Re: Absolutely shocking treatment by Plusnet customer service!!!

Posts more likely to be read if succinct; this one is far from that.

No such word in the Oxford dictionary as "dissatisfactory".

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Re: Absolutely shocking treatment by Plusnet customer service!!!

Hi 'Gel',

I appreciate that the post is far from a quick and clear explanation, but when this much has gone on for this long how is it possible to write any less.

I didn't even bother checking my grammar and punctuation as I am that frustrated with how much time I've already wasted on this company.

To say that 'dissatisfactory' isn't in the Oxford dictionary, maybe not, but you clearly know what is meant by it.

Your reply has been anything but useful, so thank you for your support,


A (still) very disgruntled customer


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Absolutely shocking treatment by Plusnet customer service!!!

We're really sorry to hear about your experience, @MS2


Please PM your:


Full Name:

Mobile number:

Full Address:



Can you also confirm if you are the account hold via PM also?


Kind Regards



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Re: Absolutely shocking treatment by Plusnet customer service!!!


Actually, from OED:

dissatisfactory, a.
[f. dis- 10 + satisfactory.]
Not satisfactory; causing dissatisfaction or discontent; unsatisfactory; ‘unable to give content’ (J.).
   c 1610 Sir J. Melvil Mem. (1735) 109 Things which‥were dissatisfactory to her Subjects.    1779 T. Jefferson Let. Writ. (1893) II. 189 Their conduct‥has been so dissatisfactory to the French minister that [etc.].    1846 Thackeray Crit. Rev. Wks. 1886 XXIII. 96, I don't know anything more dissatisfactory and absurd.
Hence dissatisˈfactoriness, the quality or condition of being dissatisfactory.
 1677 Hale Contempl. ii. 5 The shortness and uncertainty of sensible Enjoyments‥their Poorness, Emptiness, Insufficiency, Dissatisfactoriness.