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Absolute Shambles

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Re: Absolute Shambles

My account closed, bank direct debit closed, but yesterday got update on my account statement on my latest Bill, apparently I'm in credit by £8.00. How the hell do they work that out, never used the mobile, got £10 refunded on account closing. Can't be bothered contacting them again after fiasco in closing the account. Just waiting now for my Broadband contract to finish in 3 months and I'll be away from them. There customer service is absolutely disgraceful.

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Re: Absolute Shambles

I just checked and thank goodness they have refunded my initial £10 payment via card.

I just wish they could actually remove my details from their system, as I don't wish to be reminded of this whole sorry episode every month.


PlusNet should stick to good honest broadband and not get involved in this as they appear to be out of their depth.