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A60 Pro: Signal Issues

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A60 Pro: Signal Issues


I have a SIM only contract which has been fine until I switched handset this week to the Blackview A60 Pro which has very patchy mobile connection. If I try to make a call, after entering the number, there is a very long silent pause before the signal connects and the number starts ringing (tested by calling home landline). Often after the long silent pause the call hangs up before even connecting - this happens almost all the time when trying to reach Voicemail.

To test what was going on I temporarily changed the phone settings to switch off 4g (Settings Preferred Network Type 3G) and then used the Open Signal app which tells you the Network Availability. This currently says:

4G 0% (as expected since i've turned this off for testing)

3G 0%

2G 8%

No signal 92%


So why isn't my handset finding a 3G signal? The tech specs link above suggest the handset is capable of using the frequencies that Plusnet uses. 

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Re: A60 Pro: Signal Issues

It sounds like you've bought an inferior or duff phone.

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: A60 Pro: Signal Issues

Hi @HardyAnnual, thanks for getting in touch. 


I am sorry to hear of the issues you have been having with your mobile service. So we can look into this for you, can you please private message:

-Mobile number in question,
-Full name and account name if different from yours,
-Full address including postcode.


Once you have done, so please do let us know on this public post.



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 Alice Baillie
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