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A mobile data roaming warning

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A mobile data roaming warning

I've been hit by unexpected data roaming charges previously, so when I travelled recently I made sure I switched mobile data off before I left the UK. All good.

However, when I switched my phone on after installing an overseas sim (so both SIMs installed), I ran up 11MB of mobile data on the Plusnet SIM even though mobile data was still switched off. This of course blew my cap.

Now, it may be a peculiarity of my particular phone (if it started using data before checking whether it was allowed to) or it could be a generic Android "feature". Anyway, I recommend anyone travelling to a non roam like home destination to set their smart cap to £0 before you leave the UK.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: A mobile data roaming warning

Hi @corringham, I'm sorry to see this. Could you send me a PM with your mobile number please?

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