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A Few Questions ...

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A Few Questions ...



I just thought I'd ask a few questions on here before contacting customer services.

I purchased my £10 sim on 09/12/2016 and after waiting 12 hours for my number to be ported across (which seems pretty quick compared to some of the posts I've read on here!), I'm now up and running with Plusnet Mobile. Smiley

I've noticed that my next £10 direct debit payment is due to come out on 23/12/2016, but my mobile won't be topped up until 10/01/2017. That means I've paid £20 within 2 weeks, but only used 1 weeks worth of credit! I was under the impression that my next direct debit would be when my mobile next gets topped up on 10/01/2017.

Another query is that I've seemed to have already accrued a bill of 0.80p. When I checked through my history, it shows I've been charged for sending a group text to two people at 0.33p per text. It looks as though I've been charged for sending two MMS messages, but they were actually standard text messages. Do Plusnet class group texts as MMS messages? If so, that only adds up to 0.66p. I can't see any other charges, so where has the other 0.14p charge come from? Huh

I moved from GiffGaff hoping to save £5 per month compared to their similar tariffed Goodybag. These extra charges, plus the £17 that I paid to have my handset unlocked have got me thinking if I've made the right move! Undecided

Thanks in advance for any replies. Thumbs_Up



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Re: A Few Questions ...


If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Cheesy

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Re: A Few Questions ...

Can't answer your billing date question but group texts normally do get sent as MMS and the 14p is VAT Smiley
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Re: A Few Questions ...

This thread explains the unexpected early payment date

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: A Few Questions ...


Group text can normally be altered to send as individual texts in your SMS client settings.

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Re: A Few Questions ...

Hi @Neil_M

I can see the question about your MMS has already been answered, however I can advise that your first Direct Debit would be 6 weeks after your first payment you made when ordering. 

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Re: A Few Questions ...

Help from plusnet support please.

Sorry to hijack this thread but a new user in this forum so can't create my own thread. I recently moved to plusnet mobile and I'm unable to create MMS messages. I can receive them, I have an iPhone 6 with MMS enabled on settings and your support said its enabled on my profile. I don't have access to an alternative handset that will take the micro sim. Could someone from support help?
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Re: A Few Questions ...

And as an update to my last post I can send an MMS to myself but not to my partner (who has also swapped to plusnet and can send me them)