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9 Days without service

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9 Days without service

I signed up online for plusnet mobile on 16 May 2018. My sim arrived and activated May 19. Imported a number via PAC OK May 21.


  1. Service was OK and then interrupted for an “unknown” reason May 24th.
  2. 2nd sim received 29 May, stuck in a pending state for 26 hours, and then 30 May it activated after various phone calls.
  3. Since the 2nd sim had been activated the plusnet portal showed no call history data June 1 to June 4, when checked on June 4th. Phone had displayed EE as network provider & operator since the 2nd sim was activated. I reported this in the plusnet forum June 4th, and shortly after, my 2nd sim was terminated, and loss of service once more.
  4. After June 4th I have tried to get the service restored after dozens of calls, two fresh sim cards sent at once; several forum support sessions – but ended up going around in circles – getting nowhere. “Nobody has ever seen this before”, “your phone number has gone”, “your service has been terminated”, “I have spoken to three supervisors and nobody knows how to help you” etc. etc. It was great to hear a friendly accent from the support staff; however offset by the fact that they could not enact a repair, nor escalate the fault.

Since June 4th all call history etc. has been removed from the portal – but I have it all documented complete with screenshots taken throughout as evidence and for purposes of non-repudiation.


Please Help.

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Re: 9 Days without service

Hi there mr_goll!

I'm very sorry to hear of your experiences since signing up with us. I can see that this is currently being dealt with by one of my colleagues, but she is actually away from the office today, so please send me a PM and I will be more than happy to check for any updates from our Operations Team on the account Smiley -Liv

 Liv Robinson
 Plusnet Help Team